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Plasma TV Advantages

Enter the HD experience with Dish Network! Dish Network VOOM HD line up sill blow your mind. The picture quality for dish HD will amaze you with realistic 3D life like picture quality. Your TV will become a looking glass to worlds you could only dream of visiting. Check out all the HD channels, and programming promo packages dish has to offer.

Plasma TV Guide

This plasma TV guide is designed to help give you an idea of what plasma TV technology has to offer. We hope the information provided helps to better your television experience.

Plasma TV Technology

Plasma screens were first introduced into the television industry in about 1999, unfortunately plasma screen technology was less than perfect and very pricy.

Today's plasma TV technology however, has made amazing leaps and bounds since the late 90's. Plasma screen technology now allows viewers to obtain a crystal clear, full color, large plasma displayed picture at a lower cost. Plasma screen are virtually viewable form any angle without loss of picture brightness or quality. (DLP and LCD need to be view at eye level to obtain the best images.).


Plasma Power

Extreme Resolution

Plasma screen technology is capable of displaying full High-Definition in 1080i, and Digital TV signals. Plasma also is able to display 800 x 600 Resolution, 1024 x 768 Resolution, and VGA signals from a computer system. Being able to have the ability of such extreme resolutions ranging form 1080i and 720p, to 480i and 480p on a television display is incredible.

Superior Color

Plasma screens can display billions of colors. This ability combined with a Dish Network digital receiver technology gives the viewer an amazingly lifelike looking picture. For a crystal clear, extremely accuracy, amazingly realistic picture, Plasma televisions are simply the best.

No More Scan Lines

With standard television sets, there are visible scan lines that can be seen. Plasma screens however have no scan lines. This is made possible by plasmas screens superior technology, which utilizes pixels with independent transistor electrodes. Plasma screens also offer displays that include line doubling capability. This helps improve analog video signals quality.

Thin Light Flat Screen

Plasma displays are very light weight and thinly constructed, which makes then mountable almost anywhere. Plasma flat screens have no curvature eliminating any edge distortion, thus displaying a better image.

Better Entertainment for Everyone

It is our intention to provide you with as much information as possible, to help you better enjoy your Dish Network programming. We hope this Plasma TV guide has been informative and useful. Thanks you for viewing this Plasma TV Guide.

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