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DLP TV Advantages

The Advantages of DLP TVs

DLP TV technology allows for one of the brightest projection TV's available today. DLP TV technology rests within its Digital Micro Mirror Device. Although The Digital Micro Mirror Device is no larger than a thimble it consists of almost 1.5 million microscopic mirrors. Each microscopic mirror is able to tilt forwards and backwards at a rate of 5,000 times per second. These tilting mirrors combine to reflect a seamless digital image onto a television screen.

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Low Maintenance

DLP Television's simplistic design requires very little maintenance. Replacing a burnt out bulb is the most common repair done to DLP(s). DLP Lamp life is around 2yrs and costs about $200.00 to replace. Installing a new bulb is as easy as it sounds and requires no television repair knowledge. This is a definite advantage over LCD(s) and Plasma TV's which usually require professional attention at high repair costs, when not performing properly.


Simplistic Design

No Burn-in

Phosphor based television like Tubes, CRT rear projection, and plasma displays all have a risk of Burn-in. The most common type of Burn-in occur form channel logos, which are constantly displayed in the lower right corner of the television screen. For example: Cartoon Network displays a logo that looks like this in the lower right corner of the screen which is present during programming. If that channel is viewed for long periods of time, the "Cartoon Network" logo may become etched permanently into the televisions display. This means even when the channel is changed, you will see a ghost image of the logo in the lower right corner of the display.

With DLP technology you no longer have to worry about burn-ins. DLP TV Technology makes it virtually impossible for burn-ins to occur. Unlike other displays DLP projected images will not fade over time.

Leaps and Bounds

DLP TVs have made amazing leaps and bounds form the days it when it was first introduced into the television industry. DLP TVs Lamps have become more efficient lasting longer and costing less. DLP TVs exclusive Dark Chip technology ensures the darkest darks possible. We hope that the information obtained here helps to have a better television experience. Thanks for viewing this article on DLP TVs.

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