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Satellite Dish Repair

Satellite Internet has made it possible for people who live in remote locations to receive high speed internet. There many deals available to interested consumers for satellite internet.

Satellite Dish Repair & Trouble Shooting

Satellite dish repair and trouble shooting skills are essential if you are going to try to fix a satellite TV dish yourself. Having skills in electronically repair can be of great use to you, because satellite dishes are the most commonly used means to connect your TV to satellite telecasts. Though a professional will undoubtedly be educated on how to fix your dish related problems, it is not an impossible task for you to try it your self. If you have some basic knowledge about the subject, repairing your dish related problems yourself may not be as difficult as you would think. Just the basic understanding of the operation and the purpose of various parts in the satellite dish will make the troubleshooting a piece of cake. Moreover, being self-motivated to do the repairs yourself can save you a lot of down time and money. Best of all you will not have to wait around all day for the technician to show up. Therefore, here are few well-researched ways to recognize common problems, and effectively troubleshoot them.

Dish Repair

Installing the Satellite Dish

Here is a quick rundown on some do-it-yourself methods on installation and trouble shooting for satellite dishes.

-Decide the appropriate location to place your satellite dish based on the elevation and azimuth coordinates given in the receiver manual. The mounting site can easily be located by using the correct coordinates given in the receiver manual. Aiming the dish correctly may be achieved by using coordinates provided in the manual. Proper alignment, aiming, and placement of the satellite dish can make the difference between having a strong signal and a weak one.

-Fix the signal receiver and the reflectors appropriately, if they are available separately. Most of the manuals come with a step-by-step procedure for mounting the mast. Mounting the mast correctly is important for your dish to receive the strongest possible signals. Once you have mounted the mast, the dish may then be fitted to it. Be sure to fit the dish prior to completing the wire connections.

-The channels can be fine tuned to obtain the appropriate signals after which the satellite can be further aligned to get the maximum quality. Though this can be done without much ado, a little of prior experience in tasks such as fixing antennas, ceiling fans, switches, or any other similar electrical wiring works will be an added advantage.

Common Satellite Dish Repairs & Trouble Shooting

Some of the problems can occur due to the disturbances in the position of the satellite dishes, which may be caused by thunderstorms, heavy rains, and strong winds or even because of simple objects such as stones and balls that alter the alignment. This will lead to poor clarity, high noise ratio, and sometimes total blocking of the signals. Before calling the technicians, a few remedial trouble-shooting steps can be performed.

-First, it must be ascertained that the direction and the azimuth of the satellite dish is appropriate. In most of the cases, a simple adjusting of the satellite dish would do the trick. Also, look for any hurdles such as fallen tree branches or snow, which may be blocking the signals to the dish. If all these seem to be fine, then the connections are to be checked if they are secure and connected properly.

-Sometimes, there will be problems where one constantly receives the messages similar to "searching for the satellite signal," etc. This can be the result of the malfunctioning of the satellite dish's receiver, or in the processing of the signals obtained. The above-mentioned trouble shooting steps can be tried. Getting a step further, the receiver can be reset after unplugging it for few minutes, or by re-inserting the programming card, if available.

-Another important reason for the satellite dish repairs is that the dishes may be overheated due to inadequate ventilation, which in turn deteriorates the audio and visual signals.

Thus, few uncomplicated trouble-shooting methods were discussed for satellite dish repairs.

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