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Portable Satellite TV System

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Portable TV System

Portable satellite TV system has developed its own place in the market today. This system has allowed people to carry the portable set along with them. Entertainment has become an important one of common people these days. Portable satellite TV system can keep you entertained even if you are at work or traveling away from homes. Many satellite TV providers around the world are providing these types services these days. Both Dish Network and Direct TV offer portable satellite TV systems in which you can enjoy your favorite channels from anywhere. You can easily stay in touch with the outside world by using a portable satellite TV system. These systems provide you with access to 24 hour a day news channels and other entertaining programs. With a portable satellite TV system, you will have access to entertainment and information at any place and time you choose. Picture quality can vary depending on the location your using a portable TV system. Certain areas will lower picture quality and reception.

Satellite TV System

The compact and easy to carry portable satellite TV system by Direct TV is the perfect example of its class, and of today's technology. The Sat-Go is regarded as the world's first well-organized portable satellite TV system. Sat-GO weighs less than 25 pounds. The whole unit comes with a 17-inch LCD monitor, satellite dish, receiver, and rechargeable batteries. The AC/DC adapters also allow you to use this system in your cars. Direct TV is well known for its exclusive sport channels and with Sat-GO, you will never miss any sports events. Whether you are a soccer, baseball, or basketball fan, portable satellite TV system will allow you to watch games even if you are away or on a road trip. Sat-GO is available in different models and in attractive colors.

Dish Network, is the number one satellite TV provider in the United States, and leads the competition in portable satellite TV systems. The success of the iPod encouraged Dish Network to introduce the latest equipment called Pocket Dish. Pocket Dish allow you to download 350 satellite pay-TV channels for viewing when you are away from home. The easy setup process allows you to download content for your PC, DVD players, and MP3 player. The AV402E, AV500E, and AV700 pocket dish models are just amazing and they have their own unique features. The weight of AV402E is just 7 ounces and it can easily fit in your pocket. The other features include 2.2-inch screen and 20-GB storage capacity that allows you to save almost 10,000 songs or 40 movies at one time. The AV500E and AV700 pocket dish models allow you to store more content than AV402E.

Portable satellite TV system from both Dish Network and Direct TV, have plenty of advantages and it can provide hours of entertainment for you and your family. Advancements in portable television technology have allowed picture and sound quality to be greatly improved. These types of television systems can even broadcast international channels and events. Apart from viewing international channels, you will also have access to sports, cartoons, movies, and digital music. Most importantly, they are affordable, lightweight and small enough to carry it with you anywhere. The Pocket dish usually will cost you around $599, while Direct TV version will usually run about $1000. Technology has brought manufactures production costs of these types of television unit's way down. As result, you the consumer will save Big Bucks. In my opinion, spending few dollars to keep ourselves stress free is not at all a bad deal.

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