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Obama Channel on Dish Network

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The Obama Channel

The Obama Channel on Dish Network is the latest attraction that hit all of the United States. Many people were surprised when they switched on channel 73 on the Dish Network, which is now named as Obama Channel. Barack Hussein Obama, elected president of the United States now has his own channel on Dish Network. The popularity of Dish Network is already increasing and it is regarded as the number one satellite provider in the United States. The surprise item of Obama channel has helped to improve its rating a lot. This was an election campaign, which indirectly helped for the publicity of Dish Network too. It has been reported that there was a huge response the very next day after the launch of Obama Channel. Dish Network added many new subscribers in a very short period of time.

Obama on Dish Network

Dish Network has always tried new things to attract its customers. The Obama Channel on Dish Network is one of the examples, used by the Dish Network team. This was obviously an excellent strategy planned by Obama's media team to help collect new voter for his campaign. Certainly, the media must have spent lot of time in planning this extra ordinary strategy. Many late night cable channels are always looking for gossips all the time. The Telecast of a two minute commercial, of Obama not only helped the Dish Network but created history when Obama was elected as the President of the United States.

Did the two minute commercial benefited Obama to become President of the United States? As a fan of Dish Network, I will definitely answer this question in a positive way. Yes, the strategy was excellent and might have helped Obama to gain new votes because there are millions of Dish Network subscribers in all parts of the United States. Also, many of them saw this commercial personally. Many were shocked when they saw that Obama has his own channel on Dish Network. Dish Network received tons of e-mails and phone calls for enquiring about of the commercial. Many people were confused about what Obama was doing on channel 73 of the Dish Network. The confusion lasted long because the spokesperson of Dish Network did not respond to the incoming mail or calls related to Obama Channel.

The event not only shocked the Satellite TV world but many people chose to explain this event on their blogs. The discussion about the new Obama Channel on Dish Network continued on many Satellite TV forums. One of the executives of Dish Network later declared that this was just a paid advertising by the Obama Media Campaign and Dish Network has nothing to do with support for Obama. In the two minute commercial, Obama declared his economic plans for a strong and prosperous America. The advertisement continued to be on the channel until November 4. The advertisement was effective and was planned in a proper direction. The present economical condition of the United States was the main issue and this commercial really touched hearts of millions of people in the United States.

The intention of the commercial was to reach as many people as possible through Dish Network. The commercial is regarded to be among the most extraordinary campaign strategies in the history of the United States. Do not be surprised if you find such campaigns in the future. Well, now we can clearly state that a two minute advertisement campaign helped to do the trick for Obama in becoming the President of America. Many satellite TV providers have already started planning for more news in the near future. The power of satellite TV has been realized by this two-minute ad that stated ?Barack Obama's Plan for America.? Anyway, the people of the United States will always remember channel 73, which was named as Obama Channel on Dish Network.

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