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A Clean Disk Is A Happy Disk

Keeping Discs Newer

Do you ever wonder how to stop fingerprints and scratches from ruining your discs? Are you like all the others who give up trying to keep them nice? Why even bother, there is no stopping fingerprints and scratches from getting on the disk; right? Wrong! You can easily keep your discs clean and looking new for years.

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Removing Fingerprints


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Getting finger prints on a disk is one way that will make your discs unreliable. An unreliable disc simply means that your disc will not be able to play.

One way of preventing fingerprints from showing up on your discs is by holding the disc as you place your index finger in the smaller center hole of the disc. Or you can easily hold the thin out skirts of the disc and this is a conventional way of easy holding without dropping your disk and putting fingerprints on it. Never touch the bottom section of the disc (the play side). Touching the play side of the disk could easily transfer fingerprints all over it, thus making the disc unreliable.

If you do happen to get a few fingerprints on the disc, don't worry about it. Gently run cold water through the bottom and top of the disc. Make sure that the water is running low as you do this. Then use a disc cloth or other nonabrasive cloth to dry the disk. If you use a paper towel or other course materials to dry the disk it will likely get scratched.

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To prevent scratches in your disc, put the disc in the case directly after you are finished using it. Do not place it down on a rug, counter, tile, or other both hard and rough surface areas. Some scratches will still play the song, movie, etc. This is all depending on how big or deep the scratch is. Therefore, you are going to want the least amount of scratches possible. If scratches do occur you can purchase a scratch removal gel sold at most Blockbuster Video stores.


Splits in a disc is, not the same thing as scratches. Splits are usually caused when the disk has been dropped or even bent. For instance, when you drop a plastic plate it cracks. When a disc is dropped, it happens to do the same thing, but since it isn't made of thin plastic it will most like crack or split. Once the disc has cracked, the disc will no longer work. You must learn to be careful with all discs that way you can keep them looking like new!