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  Experience Turbo HD

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Dish Network Turbo HD

Standard Definition is now taken to a whole new level with Dish Network Turbo HD. Dish Networks Turbo HD is in 100% High- Definition to enhance the quality of both the picture and sound. With over 100 High- Definition channels, Dish Network Turbo HD has the largest variety of HD channels. Dish Network Turbo HD channels include 85 national HD channels, 25 regional sports networks in HD, and 4 HD local networks. Dish Network Turbo HD is very affordable, pricing as little as $24.99 a month.

To upgrade to Turbo HD, a simple download to the Dish Network's High- Definition top box is all that's needed. The download will then bring the full HD capability to the top box. The download also upgrades television and movie channels to the higher quality 1080i. Dish Networks Turbo HD uses an 8PSK- Turbo code for the satellite dish receiver to get a better picture quality.

Enter the HD experience with Dish Network Turbo HD! Dish Network's Turbo HD line up will blow you away!!! Dish Network Turbo HD picture quality is in stunning 1080i true HD and it has an amazing life like picture quality. Your TV will become a looking glass to worlds you could only dream of visiting. Check out all the HD channels, and programming promo packages dish network turbo HD has to offer.


Turbo HD Packages

Turbo HD Bronze Package

Dish Network subscribers can now receive the HD package that is just perfect for the customer's entertainment satisfaction. The first turbo HD package that Dish Network has to offers is the Turbo HD Bronze. With the Bronze Turbo HD package, there are over 40 channels in High- Definition and as low as $24.99 a month. Also with this Turbo HD Bronze package, there are 24 High-Definition channels, which include the Discovery channel and ESPN in HD. Plus, 6 High- Definition Pay-Per-View channels and 14 Video-On-Demand channels are offered.

Turbo HD Silver Package

Another package that Dish Network Turbo HD offers is the Turbo HD Silver. For only $32.99 a month, you receive over 50 channels in HD. In this package, you get 32 High Definition Channels; every channel you would get with the Bronze package, plus more! You also get the 6 High Definition Pay-Per-View channels and 14 Video-On-Demand channels. Plus with this package, you also receive the HD regional Sports network channels.

Turbo HD Gold Package

The last Dish Network Turbo HD package is the Turbo HD Gold package. The Turbo HD Gold package offers the costumer over 55 channels, priced at only $39.99 a month. The Turbo HD Gold package comes with 40 High Definition channels. You can get all the other channels that you get with the other packages plus the Encore Movie channel in HD. The Encore channel is not offered with any of the other packages.

Turbo HD Platinum Package

If the customer wishes, there is a package that can be added on. The Turbo HD Platinum package is an add-on that costs only $10.00 extra a month. The Platinum package can be added on to any of the other packages. The Platinum package includes 7 other High Definition channels including: HD Net Movies, MGM HD, NBA TV, NHL Network, Smithsonian HD, Universal HD, and World Fishing Network. Also the customer can pay $5.00 extra a month for local channels, which include High- Definition and Standard Definition channels.

Great Choices at Great Prices

With three packages and great add-on deals at extremely affordable prices, how can you go wrong? Dish Network Turbo HD is cutting-edge and is raved by many Dish Network subscribers. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and see what all the buzz is about; you won't regret it! When you get Dish Network's Turbo HD, you'll experience all the latest and greatest 100% High- Definition quality channels, with amazing picture and sound quality. You can watch your favorite television shows or your preferred movies with the best picture. Dish Network Turbo HD is way better than Standard Programming. Once you try Turbo HD, you'll wonder how you've ever had gone without it! Don't waste another minute watching the lower quality, Standard Programming, Sign up today.

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