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  Experience HD TV

!!!ATTENTION!!!*Dish Network (DISH) is not affiliated with this website.*!!!ATTENTION!!!


Live Life in High Definition

High Definition Television, or HDTV, gives you crystal-clear pictures integrated with Dolby Digital 5.1 channel surround sound, the latest in surround sound technology. This gives you the entertainment experience never before available with standard analog televisions. HDTV reproduces theater-quality video and sound by digitizing TV programming, allowing it to be transmitted and received the same way that a DVD player can reproduce movies with big-screen quality.

Enter the HD experience with Dish Network! Dish Network VOOM HD line up will blow your mind. The picture quality for dish HD will amaze you with realistic 3D life like picture quality. Your TV will become a looking glass to worlds you could only dream of visiting. Check out all the HD channels, and programming promo packages dish has to offer.

VOOM HD Channels

There seems to be no other channel networks and programming systems that have touched the world like VOOM HD channels. These can be enjoyed not just by those who live in the United States, but also people who are currently in India, Japan, Thailand, Hungary, Australia, South Korea, China, England, Denmark, Finland, the Middle East, and Norway.

VOOM HD Channels: Only the Best for You

VOOM HD channels don't only give you TV shows and movies in their sharp images or even in their Dolby Digital audio system. They go beyond than what you can probably expect from an HD channel, making sure that you can obtain the best TV experience for you and the rest of your family:


VOOM HD Channels

1. Fifteen HD channels to choose from. There are more than 10 channels that can offer you with HD experience. This means that pictures appear to be coming to life, because of their sharp and bright colors and precise movements. What's more, TV programming is good for 24 hours; it's equivalent of 1 full day of nonstop fun and excitement when you're in front of the TV. This is a far cry of what other HD channels can offer to their customers. Shows in HD are usually available during primetime alone.

2. No commercial breaks. Do you feel like you're being shortchanged by your chosen HD network for the simpler reason that there are numerous commercials in between? With VOOM HD channels, you can fully enjoy all of your favorite TV shows and movies without any commercial break.

3. Dolby Digital surround sound. What's an HD resolution when audio is at its poorest? Today you can simply relax and immerse yourself on the complementing sounds of Dolby 5.1 Digital surround sound.

The Various Channel Mix

It's smorgasbord right at VOOM HD channels. There's a bit of everything that you want to watch, from action, sports, cartoons, live shows, documentary, and a lot more. To give you a glimpse of all their fabulous channels, here's a good list:

Animania. Cartoons have gone beyond the simple moving illustrations of yesteryears. Today cutting-edge technology is utilized to ensure that characters really do come to life. With the help of HD right at VOOM HD channels, Animania can provide all the best cartoon treats not only to children but to all who are young at heart. You can choose between new cartoon shows or re-mastered classics.

Equator HD. The world will become more appreciated with Equator HD. It features documentaries and programs that will talk about not just travel but the different cultures and environment you can find all over the world. Everything becomes even more breathtaking and fantastic with HDTV.

HDNews. HDNews is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This way, you don't have to miss every single event that's happening in your community and all over the world. In-depth features, sports highlights, and even weather news are best discussed and explained because all images ave never appeared this clear.

Wherever you are in the world, now is the right time to switch to HD. Choose VOOM HD channels.

Dish Network is offering HDTV in a box. This comes complete with your satellite dish antenna, HDTV receiver and either a 34" direct view or 40" rear project HD monitor. Additional fees apply. Please call our customer service for additional information. And Start Enjoying High Definition.

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