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Restrict viewing of programs based on password protected locks

!!!ATTENTION!!!*Dish Network (DISH) is not affiliated with this website.*!!!ATTENTION!!!


Dish Network Programming Parental Control

Dish Network Parental Control options give you the power over what your children are watching! You're in control of what programs and channels are accessible. Now you can rest easy knowing that the children are watching appropriate approved programming in your home. At Dish Network, every single one of our satellite receiver offer the Parental Controls and System Locks features. Quickly manage TV viewing by enabling the Parental Controls and System Locks features ; at no additional cost.

1. Rating

If you wish, you may block access to programs based on its Rating. Ratings are provided by the Motion Picture Association of America.

You also may choose to select additional protection options based on expanded ratings such as explicit language, violence, nudity and sexual content.

Dish network parental control truly gives you the ability to choose what your kids watch on TV. Use passwords and channels lockouts with a push of the remote control button. Dish networks parental control is convenience and user friendly. So what are you wait for check out all the great options, conveniences and channels dish network has to offer.


System Locks

2. Password Protected Channel Access

Prevent anyone from viewing selected channels by creating a password. Password protected channels will give you the power to Lock any channel, including movie channels, Pay-Per-View and local channels.

Set channel locks by pressing the MENU button on your remote, then select LOCKS, choose the channel locks appropriate for your household. Once you've made your selection, lock the system using a selected password. It's that simple!

Viewing options and peace of mind, go hand-in-hand with Dish Networks Parental Control.

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