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Dual Satellite Receivers

Satellite-TV-Planet.com is working hard to keep you informed and up to date with the latest innovations in entertainment technology. Be sure to view our guides for information on receivers, channels and more. And Don't Miss Out on All The Great Dish Network Deals.

Dish Network Dual Receivers

Dual satellite receivers (DVRs) are specially designed by Dish Network for watching two independent televisions from one receiver. Dish Network, which is number one satellite TV provider in the United States, has always tried to introduce new technologies in order to satisfy their customers. Millions of Dish Network fans are already using dual satellite receivers to a great effect. The receivers allow people to record their favorite shows while they are watching other channels. Also, the introduction of dual receivers has allowed people to connect different TV sets in different rooms. This facility was not previously available and more than one receiver was needed to operate televisions in different rooms. Well, let us have look at the few dual satellite receivers that you can choose from.

Dish Dual Satellite Receivers

Dish Networks Dish 322 Dual Satellite Receivers

Dish 322 is a slim receiver that provides two tuners for viewing satellite TV channels in two different rooms. The other important features include parental control locks, favorite lists, one-touch channel return facility, closed caption support, and alternate audio system. The matte black-colored dual satellite receiver with silver buttons weighs approximately 5.25 lbs and it is considered to be the best dual receiver for multiple TV-viewing purposes. Dish 322 comes with 1-year warranty and the features of rear and front panels are just amazing.

Dish 311 Dual Satellite Receivers

Dish 311 was the Dish Network's first dual satellite receiver with unique features. The platinum-colored dual receiver weighs approximately 7.5 lbs and it comes with a warranty of one year. This dual receiver uses the dish home interactive user interface to provide you the best picture quality and surround sound. The receiver supports different Dish Network channels and the automatic remote control allows you to control additional electronic equipments such as TVs and DVD players. The additional features include parental control locks, favorite themes, one-touch channel return, closed caption support, electronic program guide, and so on.

Dish Networks DVR 522 Dual Satellite Receivers

DVR 522 is another single box solution for viewing televisions in multiple rooms. This receiver comes with two platinum remotes that allow you to watch different channels in each room. DVR 522 allows you to record two different shows at one time and watch the recorded program at the same time. This is definitely a unique feature and hence DVR 522 dual satellite receiver has become the first choice amongst the Dish Network customers. The other important features are almost the same as Dish 311 and Dish 322 dual receivers.

DVR 510 Dual Satellite Receivers

DVR 510 model has many unique features than the other models. This dual receiver has an in-built 120-GB hard disc drive that allows you to record 100 hours of HD programming. The options such as silence live TV, record SD programming, skip recorded advertisements, and create instant replays are other excellent features of this dual satellite receiver. You also have the option of fast forwarding and rewinding in four different speeds. The one-touch recording feature allows you to record manually or automatically.

DVR 625 Dual Satellite Receivers

DVR 625 is another best example of Dish Network's product. This is an advanced dual satellite receiver that allows you to record two shows at the same time as well as watch two different channels when you are connected to two different televisions. Along with multiple TV-viewing options, you can enjoy the best picture quality with Dolby digital surround sound.

Well, these are the few best dual satellite receivers in my list. The installation process might be confusing but it is wise to hire a professional to make the job easy for you. Hope, this content will help you to select the best dual satellite receivers.

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