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Dish Network vs. Direct TV A Tough Choice

Dish Network vs. Direct TV is a topic of debate and it is quite confusing to choose between these two major satellite providers. Both these providers are exclusive and have a reputation of providing best services to its customers. Dish Network was founded in March 1996 while Direct TV was founded in 1994. If you are in the market to choose one satellite TV to satisfy your TV viewing needs, then you have a task ahead of you. In general, your choice will come down to Dish Network vs. Direct TV and hence it is time to compare these two satellite providers. I understand that choosing within Dish Network vs. Direct TV is a difficult decision; hence, you need few tips for comparing the features between these two companies.

Channel VS Channel

The first important feature you need to compare is the total number of channels offered and the rates per month. Basically, Dish Network offers top 100 channels along with local channels for about $40 per month. On the other hand, Direct TV offers 140 channels along with 50 XM Satellite radio channels for almost the same rate. Dish Network offers over 250 channels of high quality digital audio and video services, while Direct TV offers a comparable number of channels as well. Each service also offers a variety of DVR and HD programming packages. You have option of high-speed Internet access via Dish Network and you can easily install Dish Network system in four rooms without any additional charges. Direct TV offers fewer sports channels than Dish network, but you need to pay an extra fee if you want these services.

Dish Network vs. Direct TV

Comparing Dish Network vs. Direct TV is not a difficult thing, because both these satellite providers have many common features between them. Thus, the most important feature becomes to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction. Dish Network?s reputation for superior customer service is with out match. Dish Networks customer service is in most cases very pleasant. Most importantly choosing better satellite provider depends on your personal preferences and your liking. After comparing the budget and channels, your next step must be to compare the price of components. In general, the components are provided free if you agree to sign up for services for a specified length of time. Make sure that you have understood the terms and conditions before signing the contract. If not make sure that you are not paying monthly fees more than desired rate first offered.

Dish Network vs. Direct TV can be best compared if you read the reviews of both these satellite providers on the web. According to the latest survey, reviews suggest that Dish Network is rated number one and is the first choice before Direct TV network. In any case, both of these satellite providers are more preferred then the cable providers. Wait for the right opportunity because both of these companies offer many discounts, special features, and free offers, in order to stay competitive. The holiday season or another special occasion, could be the right time to make a purchase that suits your needs.

Choosing within Dish Network vs. Direct TV exclusively depends on your personal preference. If you love sports then Dish Network would have to be your first choice. When you want a variety of Latino and entertainment channels then Dish Network wins again and is a better choice. Dish Network is the leader in quality entertainment but Direct TV is not far behind. Hope, you understood the things you need to compare before making your decision. Do not get confused. Make the right choice when it comes to selecting between Dish Network vs. Direct TV.

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