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!!!ATTENTION!!!*Dish Network®, (DISH) is NOT affiliated with this website.*!!!ATTENTION!!!

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!!!ATTENTION!!!*Dish Network (DISH) is not affiliated with this website.*!!!ATTENTION!!!

Start enjoying amazing entertainment at a great low price. Check out all dish networks great programming packages, features, and promos. With products like the Vip622 HD DVR and the new Vip722 HD DVR your television experience will take on new levels.

Dish Network Vip722 DVR

It's been a common problem since time immemorial: users of DVRs are already in the middle of their favorite TV show only to realize that they are basically cut short because there is no more additional storage. At first, it seems like 30 hours, worth of recording your well-loved programs is already too much for a DVR, and you believe that this is a very tremendous benefit. However, such will not be the case when you are recoding at least three or four episodes of Lost or Heroes, or if you try to store at most two HD movies. You are definitely left with no choice. It's either you have to pass up on recording them, or you have to delete them to give more space to other noteworthy shows.

With the creation of the Dish Network Vip722 DVR, however, this is already settled. You no longer have to content yourself with manufacturers who will keep on manufacturing hard drives with larger capacities. The Dish Network Vip722 DVR will allow you to swap your external hard disk drives.

Cutting Edge Technology

The Dish Network Vip722 DVR is very similar to Vip622 receiver and is considered to be an upgrade of its firmware. Your receiver will actually have the ability to play back and record shows in their standard and high definition while you save it in your hard drive. If the space won't be enough, then you can simply attach an external hard drive into one of its USB ports.

It will be ideal to obtain an external hard drive of 500GB for your Dish Network Vip722 DVR. You can then transfer majority of your favorite episodes stored in your internal drive to the external one. You can then place these copies at a very secured place, perhaps your own custom-made shelf, for posterity of future review. If you like to watch them again, you just connect the drive back in the USB port, and you can enjoy earlier recordings with much gusto.

Like the Vip622, the Dish Network Vip722 DVR also contains three types of internal tuners. There are two kinds of satellite tuners that can work well with high-definition and standard-definition channels. It also has an ASTC that will permit you to record both standard-definition and high-definition programs that are being played over the air.

Nevertheless, you can never discount the internal hard drive of Dish Network Vip722 DVR. It can support a total number of 55 hours when it comes to HD recording. You can record 350 hours, time of standard-definition recording. This is definitely an A+, compared to its other partner, Vip622, which can only record 30 and 200 hours of HD and SD, respectively.

Another beautiful thing about Dish Network Vip722 DVR is it's actually a very good organizer with regards to your recorded programs. You can also set the time for your future recordings. But the truth is it can be a pretty annoying experience. This is because in order for you to gain access to all of the recorded shows, you have to press the DVR button twice. The first one will display a screen, which you may find quite unnecessary unless you are thinking of ordering PPV, where you will have to make a choice of whether you like to watch a recorded TV show or you like to order pay per view. Needless to say, all shows in Dish Network Vip722 DVR are categorized comprehensively. This means that all of your records are classified according to their date, title, and even their genre. You are also reminded as to how much time is remaining in your internal hard drive. Most of all, deleting them is never a problem. You can delete more than one show simultaneously.

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