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!!!ATTENTION!!!*Dish Network (DISH) is not affiliated with this website.*!!!ATTENTION!!!

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Dish Satellite Service

The primary claim to fame of Dish Network Satellite Service is as a satellite television service provider in the United States. It also provides audio programs and internet connectivity. The service is launched in 1996 by its parent company EchoStar, when satellite television was beginning to make its presence felt in the world. Along with its chief competitor DirecTV, DISH networks somewhat revolutionized the television viewing habits of the American people with more choices. At present, it is estimated to have over 13 million subscribers in the satellite TV sector alone.

Dish Services

DISH Network Satellite Service offers a number of TV channels. It also offers high definition TV (HDTV) packages and Latino TV channel packages. Other services of the company include interactive TV, pay-per-view programs and movies, special programming for sports and international events, and DISH on demand. The company offers different packages to cater to the financial and aesthetic requirements of people from different sectors.

The most basic package is DISH family package, which provides the 50 most widely viewed channels in the United States. It is the most economical package too. As the name of the package indicates, the content of all the channels is suitable for family viewing. If you want more choices and do not mind shelling out a bit more money, you may consider opting for the package of the top hundred channels of the United States. For those who want to watch everything the television channels offer, DISH Network has the jumbo packages providing the top 200 channels and top 250 channels in the country.

The latest sensation in satellite television sector is HDTV. It provides an almost real life like visuals. The sound effect is also incredibly better. The HDTV offer of DISH Network Satellite Service is one of the best in the country. The company also offers another attractive feature - digital video recording (DVR) facility, which is particularly useful for people who are busy in their professional life, but still want to watch the favorite TV programs. It allows subscribers to record a particular program for watching it in the future. One can set a particular time period for recording and specify the channel. The recording will start and complete automatically.

DISH Network Satellite Service offers its services in the whole of the United States, Hawaii, and Puerto Rica. You need to get certain equipment installed to receive the television signals. A dish antenna, which contains a digital receiver of satellite TV signals, is the most important accessory. The size of the antenna ranges from 24 inch to 1.4 meter. People who live in areas outside the continental America might need a larger dish antenna. The company has more than 25 years' experience in marketing and maintenance of satellite TV equipment. It has a wide network of retailers who know the size and other specification of the dish antenna needed for a particular area.

The advantages of satellite TV over cable TV service are many. Satellite TV almost always provides uninterrupted broadcast. Power failure or problems with cable network do not affect the broadcast. DISH Network Satellite Service has made elaborate arrangements for providing high quality and uninterrupted broadcast. It has 10 dedicated satellites orbiting around the planet. The satellites intercept signals from various television stations. After processing the signal to convert it to standard or HDTV format, the satellites send the signal directly to dish antennas.

All packages of the company include Sirius satellite music offer. Other features of DISH packages are interactive games, about 500 advertisement-free movies, and options for parental control on programs, which may be based on channels or timings. In short, Dish Network satellite service serves the entertainment purposes and requirements of the whole family collectively and individually.

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