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Remote Control Guide: Dish Network Remote Control

Have you watched the movie Click? Then you have a good idea how useful a remote control is. Its power is also very similar when you have a Dish Network remote control.

You need a Dish Network remote control so you can gain access among the hundreds of channels. You also have to make use of such device so you can customize some of the settings that will allow you to fully maximize your satellite TV experience. But does it have to be expensive.

No, it doesn't have to be. There will always be a Dish Network remote control that you can purchase in the leading electronics store all over America. First of all, you can get one from Radio Shack. In fact, they have the lowest priced Dish Network remote control in the market.

For a price of $30, you can already have a good pair for your television. It also comes with backlit keypad so you can switch channels comfortably while the lights are dim. They also have universal remote controls that you can utilize for your Dish system. To customize them, you may have to purchase the JP1 cable. The Internet also contains some files that you may need for your Dish Network remote control.

Another store that offers almost the same quality and price is Logitech. Their universal remotes, which can certainly function as a Dish Network remote control, are priced at $80 to not more than $150. They are very easy to configure with the help of the files you can definitely download from their website. All you need to do is to identify the model of your remote control and the make, and all of the correct codes for your Dish Network remote control will be determined.

Remote Control Guide

Switching Channels

One of the primary uses of your Dish Network remote control is to switch between channels. How do you do it? Perhaps at first glance, you will notice different arrow buttons in the remote control keypad. When you like to move upward in the channel selection, just press the Up arrow button. The same logic applies if you like to move downward. To make sure that your Dish Network remote control is in sync with your receiver, the device must be set in SAT mode. You can also change the channels through the receiver's front panel, if the remote control doesn't work.

Fixing Your Dish Network Remote Control

Like any other device, your Dish Network remote control is just as vulnerable to being damaged. However, before you holler to your customer support representative, why not perform basic diagnostics? It will also be very easy for you to describe the problem to them if you perform the tests.

First of all, you need to make sure that the batteries are properly inserted. This means that all of them are fitted correctly to the battery holder and the right signs go to the right corner. Otherwise, you need to change them. Moreover, there should be no destruction between the receiver's front panel and the remote control, or else, your Dish Network remote control will surely not function.

There are some households that are using UHF remote. If you lose the functionality of your remote control, then you simply have to check the UHF antenna. Make sure that it's securely attached to the receiver's back port. You will know which one as it is indicated as UHF Antenna.

If all else fails, refer to the instructions stated in the User Guide that arrives together with your Dish Network package. You need to confirm the remote address stated at the back with the existing Dish Network remote control at hand.

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Program Your Dish Network Remote Control is 6 Easy Steps

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