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Programming Your Receiver


!!!ATTENTION!!!*Dish Network (DISH) is not affiliated with this website.*!!!ATTENTION!!!


When it comes to programming Dish Network remote codes into your dish network receiver, it is necessary to have some sort of programming guide handy. That's when this guide will serve you best.

To better understand how remote control codes are used, we will briefly go over a bit of background information. Specific remote controls are assigned to different satellite receivers. Many remote control devices comes with their own special features that can be specific to the satellite receiver unit. But one thing that every remote control has in common, is that the intender purpose for the device is to control another specified unit (in this case a Dish Network satellite receive). So even though the basic purpose of a remote control is the same, there may also be some differenced. To fully take advantage of your remote control and its special features, you'll need to program the remote control device with special codes. Dish Network has its own specific codes which apply to this programming guide. Dish Network Remote Codes are available on this site, and can also be located in to user manual.

The Dish network remote control is a very useful tool. Once the correct dish network remote codes have been programmed in to the remote control device, you will you be able to control your satellite receiver as well as many other devices. Devices such as your television, your VCR, your DVD player, and even your Audio equipment. With your Dish Network remote control fully programmed and operational, the mentioned devices are all conveniently located on one remote control. Simply select the device from one of four options located at the top of the remote control (TV, DVD/VCR, SAT, or AUX). No more juggling four remote controls! The Dish Network remote control is all about practicality and convenience.

Like many people you may be thinking that with such a sophisticated device that the programming of it must be very difficult. But this is not the case, remember, Dish Network designed these remote control devices to be practical and convenience. You simply have to follow a few basic steps, and enter the correct codes.

Program Your Remote Codes

Dish Network Remote Codes

Programming Your Dish Network Receiver

The first step is to locate the Dish Network remote codes. Dish network remote codes can be found in the back of your Dish Network user manual. If for some reason your user manual is not available, not to worry. We have current Dish Network remote codes conveniently located on the site! Just (CLICK) the following link of the device you wish to program for a code list:


If you still can't find your unit's dish network remote codes, don't panic. You can do an auto search on the remoter control you with to program. The auto search feature will automatically search through hundreds of codes already imbedded within the remote control. You should find a step-by-step instruction in your remote control user guide. again don't have the user manual, don't worry a step-by-step guide for automatically locating codes with your remoter control is provided for your convenience on this site! Just (CLICK) the the following link:

6 Step Remote Programming Guide

After you have located the dish network remote control codes your programming should be a simple.

Now lets begin. Turn your device being programmed ON. Then press and hold the corresponding button on the remote control. The device button on the remote control should start flashing, this indicates that the device is ready.

This next step is when those dish network remote codes will come in handy. Using the dish network remote control code list locate the device in which you are programming (TV, VCR, SAT, etc.). Enter the first 3 or 4 digit number using the keypad on your remote control. Then press either the pound (#) or select (SELECT) button on your remote control to signal that you've completed your code.

At this point to device light on the remote control should start flashing again this is your queue to turn the device off. Do this by pressing the (POWER) button on the remote control. If the device turns off you've programmed your device and there is nothing left to do. However, if the device has not turned off then you'll will need to repeat the steps and enter the next code in line. Do this until you have found the correct Dish Network remote codes.

For more remote control device codes check out: www.SatelliteRemoteCodes.com.

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