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!!!ATTENTION!!!*Dish Network (DISH) is not affiliated with this website.*!!!ATTENTION!!!

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Dish Network Pay Per View

Why do people opt for pay per view? There are a number of events, such as sports, movies, or live occasions that you can't simply participate in physically for some reasons. Dish Network pay per view gives the chance to enjoy them, however, at the comforts of your own home.

Where You Can Search for Dish Network Pay Per View

You can make use of the TV itself to search for programs that are intended for Dish Network pay per view. They are normally published on channel 500. You can have the schedule information as well as previews of events and movies. These are accessible all throughout the week. If you are subscribed to HDTV, information are listed in channel 9467. However, if you aren't still subscribed to the HDTV, you can apply to Dish. Nevertheless, you should take note that you must have an HD-ready television. Second, you should acquire an antenna known as Dish 500 and a receiver that is capable of receiving HD signal.

Ordering Pay Per View

Ways to Order for Dish Network Pay Per View

Dish Network provides you with three methods on how you can order a Dish Network pay per view. One of the most basic and the most inexpensive method is to order through the use of your remote control. All you need to make sure is that the telephone line is connected to the Dish receiver. Subsequently, you then have to choose the program you are seeing in the interactive screen guide that you want to subscribe or order. Press Select, which is found in your remote control. It will then display a user-friendly step-by-step guide on how to purchase it.

You can also order the Dish Network pay per view through the World Wide Web. All payment as well as programming options can then be made available for you. You will only have to sign up in their Customer Support page. You then need have to type in your telephone number at home, the account number, and the zip code of your location. You will then select from the categories the events and shows you want for your Dish Network pay per view.

For the very non-technical persons, you can call their customer service hotline, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make an order of any type of programming that you like.

Locking Pay Per View Channels

It's not but unusual for men and women to order a Dish Network pay per view that may not be appropriate for your kids to watch. These are movies and shows that are sexual or violent in nature.

You can prevent your kids from accessing these channels by employing certain features provided by Dish Network. First of all, you may activate the feature called Adult Guard for your Dish Network pay per view. It will actually hide all the PPV channels from the screen guide.

The Dish Network also offers parents complete control over the shows and programs being watched by their children. This includes locking any channels that are considered not appropriate for your little kids.

The Proper Way to Lock Your Dish Network Pay Per View

You need to choose the Dish Network pay per view channels that you want to lock. Then you have to activate the Lock Channel feature found in your receiver. This will actually lock your channels, and in order for you to unlock them, you need to key in the password, normally composed of 4 digits.

So why do you have to be always the last to know when you can enjoy all of the best and live shows right at your own home? Get your own Dish Network pay per view.

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