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Dish Network

Dish Network is one of the most popular direct satellite services that are used in the broadcast of several audio and video satellite channels. Dish Network offers different types of satellite receivers. Satellite receivers are device that obtain signals from the satellite dish. To name a few, the dish series are 300, 500, 1000, and similar SuperDish series. Dish network recently introduced the Turbo HD programming package. Turbo HD offers picture quality equals to blue ray technology. With the advent of the high definition quality, Dish Network's local channels are considered as a viable competitor of the famous blue ray devices. Dish Network has introduced many local channels in addition to the existing ones for their customers. This number is continuously on increase, and it is expected to reach great numbers in a short span of time.

Dish Local Channel Guide

Local channel categories:

* Pay per view, subscription or premium channels, and adult pay per view.

* Sports tier, limited basic tier, platinumHD, and La Carte channel types.

* The Dish classes: Dish Latino, Latino plus, Latino dos, and Latino MAX.

* General categories such as America's top tier or turboHD channels under bronze, silver, and gold.

* Listed here are few of the prominent Dish Network local channels that are available in all parts of the United States, apart from their interactive and response channels.


Dish network provides great entertainment for the entire family. Great family programming as, Comedy Central, Lifetime Movie Network, TV Land, USA Network, QVC, Sci-Fi Channel, A&E, History International, BabyFirstTV, BET, TNT, and more. Almost every art and entertainment channel is available for all of Dish Network subscribers, but a few are exclusive to the high definition users.


Sports fans alike will enjoy the many sports channels available on Dish Network. Dish networks sports packages are perfect for all types of sports fans. Dish Network local channels also have great sports programs available. Some examples are Fox Soccer Channel, Speed, Versus, NFL Network, Outdoor Channel, and ESPN. There is ESPN alternate, ESPN classic, ESPNU, ESPNews, and the other ESPN2 series.

Music and movies

More music and movie channels, equal a better network. Dish Network local channels include plenty of such channels. Here are few popular music and movie channels: MTV, Great American Country, Ovation TV, Fuse, Sí TV, SIRIUS Music Information, Fox Movie Channel, BBC America, WE TV, Oxygen, Bravo, Independent Film Channel, TCM, and lots more.


Miscellaneous channels include the special interest channels such as News, shopping, religion, international channels in many languages and kids' channels. There is CNN, Headline News, Fox News Channel¸ CNBC World, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Discovery Kids, Boomerang, National Geographic Channel, Military Channel, Animal Planet, and Discovery Channel in the news and kids categories. Several home and direct shopping networks along with religion channels such as EWTN Roman Catholic, Trinity Broadcasting Network, and CCTV-9 are also included. Dish Network offers hundreds of channels for their customers and listing each of it would be difficult, frontally you can find a detailed list of channels right here.

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