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Dish Network HD Services


!!!ATTENTION!!!*Dish Network (DISH) is not affiliated with this website.*!!!ATTENTION!!!

Dish Network HD channels are the latest offerings from the DISH Network Satellite Services Company. It was established in 1996 by its parent company EchoStar. Over the years, it has become the top satellite television service provider in the United States along with its chief competitor DirecTV. As the technology advanced, television-viewing habits changed. Therefore, the structure and the design of the television set have gone through lots of advancements. In the olden days, the television set had a formidable and sturdy structure with its cathode ray picture tube and other accessories. Then televisions with flat screens and LCD screens came along. There have been several changes in the structure of television signals as well. The latest in this field is high definition TV (HDTV) channels.

Clearer, Sharper Images

HDTV channels provide better, clearer, and crisper pictures than the old standard type of pictures. The visuals of HDTV have an almost real life like feel to them. The sound system is also much better than the previous one. Overall, HDTV provides a better visual and musical experience to the subscribers. DISH Network HD channels have several advantages. The images of these channels are sharper than the images of the HD channels offered by the competitors because of the state of the art processing technology used. As a result, the visuals provide a more realistic and intimate feel.

HD Services

The aspect ratio, which is the ratio between breadth and height of a frame, is better for DISH Network HD channels than that of the competitors. The aspect ratio used is 16:9, which is comparable to that used in movie theatres. What it means is that you get to see the whole frame the movie camera captures. Normally, with the standard television transmission, you do not get the whole frame because of the incompatible aspect ratio between movie camera and television screen. But with HDTV transmission of DISH Network, people can get an absolute movie hall like experience in their drawing room. The Dolby digital sound system is incorporated in the HDTV format, thereby ensuring the full blast of entertainment.

The monthly rental for watching the complete set of DISH Network HD channels is $200. The amount is worth as the HDTV is going to make the standard color TV obsolete, just like color TV made the black and white television obsolete. The HDTV receiver will be supplied and installed by the company for free of cost. But the monthly rent for using the service should be paid. The maintenance of the HD receivers will also be done by the company.

The DISH Network Satellite Services company offers DISH 811 HD receiver, which has a number of advantages. It can process HD video with 1080i lines of resolutions. As a result, the sharpness of the images of DISH Network HD channels will be higher. It allows onscreen programming so that you can easily develop a list of favorite channels. It also has parental control locks, allowing the parents to block or hide the channels, which air programs that are not suited for the children. The receiver also has some innovative functions. It can record over 350 hours of programming. It also has options to pause and replay something, which you want to see again. Another innovative facility is to record one or two programs in some other channels while you are watching programs in one channel.

Almost all major channels have HDTV transmission. The list of DISH Network HD channels include prominent channels such as Animal Planet HD, CBS HDTV, CNBC HD, CNN HD, Dish on Demand PPV in HD, Discovery HD, Disney HD, ESPN HD, Hallmark Movie Channel HD, HBO HD, The History Channel HD, MGM HD, National Geographic, Showtime HD, Starz HD, TNT in HD, Travel Channel HD, and World Cinema HD.

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