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!!!ATTENTION!!!*Dish Network (DISH) is not affiliated with this website.*!!!ATTENTION!!!


Dish Networks Features are the Best in the Industry

Features are a must, and dish network features are the very best! Dish network features the largest verity of entertainment options available anywhere! Dish Network provides you with many wonderful features, including but not limited to: satellite receivers, channels, and #1 rated customer service! So join millions of satisfied Americans and sign-up to start enjoying endless amounts of great dish network features.

Satellite-TV-Planet.com is working hard to keep you informed and up to date with the latest innovations in entertainment technology. Be sure to view our guides for information on receivers, channels and more. And Don't Miss Out on All The Great Dish Network Features.

Dish Network Growing Fast

Dish Network has become the fastest growing satellite TV provider in the United States of America and has revolutionized the television industry. Dish Network is also the industries leader in technology and has an endless list of innovative products which has helped to propel television into the future. Dish Networks impressive 9 fleet of satellites hover high above the earth, beaming hundreds of digital video and audio signals to your television every day. Utilizing a wide range of standard, digital video recorder (DVR) and high definition receivers (HDR), Dish Network delivers the most advanced TV products in the industry today. With an exciting and exclusive dish network features list like this one available at your disposal, how can you go wrong? The answer is simply, "You Can't". When you sign-up to dish network your satisfaction is guaranteed!!!

Dish Features

Dish Network Features for Satellite Receivers

All of Dish Networks satellite receivers include the following features:

Dish Networks Event Timers

Dish network features Event Timers that will allow you to program your satellite receiver to automatically tune to a program at a designated time for viewing. (Recording options available w/DVR models)

Easily Access TV Listings

This handy dish network feature gives you the ability to use keywords, such for programs title or an actor's name to quickly find your favorite television shows or personalities.

Page At A Time Scrolling

This dish network feature allows rapid scrolling through the EPG, one full page at a time.

Dish Network Program Information

The Program Information feature allows instant access to start times, end times, when available. This dish network feature also provides a brief description of the selected program.

Dish Network Themes List

The Themes List feature allows access to dish network channels by category: movies, sports, family/children, education, series/specials, news/business, music/arts, and religious. With this dish network feature you'll be sure to find what you want, when you want.

The Dish Pro Advantage

Dish Network receivers include advanced Dish Pro technology for enhanced system performance, adding more functions with a greater upgradeable flexibility. A superior dish network feature that you shouldn't be without.

Dish Networks Favorites Lists

A cool dish network feature is Favorites List feature. This is a very convent way to jump between your favorite channels by simply pushing a single button on the remote. All channels, all subscribed channels and four user-defined lists.

Music Titles

The Music Titles feature displays the title, artist, album and label of the song being played; this is a very hand dish network feature that music lovers will really appreciate.

Dish Networks Parental Control Technology

The Parental Control feature allows the user to control the restriction of what may be viewed based on channels, ratings and content. This dish network feature is one that can be appreciated among parents and guardians alike.

Software Upgradeable via Satellite

Among all the dish network features available this one is a must have. This dish network feature allows instant and automatic software upgrades to be installed keeping you up-to-date with the latest technologies available.

Impulse Pay-Per-View with On-Screen Purchase Summary

Dish Networks features also include Pay-Per-View programs which are easily accessed by remote control. This dish network feature also has the ability to conveniently review recent purchases.

Closed Caption Support

The Closed Caption feature when supported by the viewed program(s), can provide dialogued text which scrolled across the bottom of the screen.

Dish Networks One-Touch Channel Return

Commonly known as the Jump feature, the One-Touch Channel Return jumps back and forth between the current channel being views and the previously viewed channel.

Alternate Audio (Alternate Language Support)

The feature allows the selection of different audio languages, when supported by the program.

These are just a few of the great dish network features that you will receive when you Sign up. Don't put it off any longer no time is better that now to start receiving all the great dish network features.

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