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Dish Network 942 Receiver

Do you feel like you're missing numerous things with your TV? Certainly, having not seen one important episode is almost equivalent to not being able to see it again, unless the network decides to show it. But this is going to be a very long shot.

Dish Network aims to give you everything you need when it comes to TV entertainment. Thus, for their subscribers, they are offering their Dish Network 942 receiver.

One of the foremost uses of Dish Network 942 receiver is it is capable of recording all of your favorite TV shows and movies. You can set it either in TV1 or TV2, whatever is your choice. You can also customize the manual and even the auto event timers. This is very useful when a preferred episode or a live event is going to be shown at its designated schedule, and you may not be at home to watch it. The event timer will then function per your settings and will automatically record the TV show.

Dish Network 942 receiver even lets you watch two different types of programs simultaneously. For example, you could watch a live concert, while you are also view a program that you have previously recorded and stored in your hard DVR drive.

Dish Receiver Technology

The Dish Network 942 receiver doesn't allow any major component of the film or the show to get lost in transmission. Thus, if Dolby Digital is being used to broadcast a particular film, then the Dish Network 942 receiver will make sure you also get to enjoy and record the same quality. However, it would be very hard for you to appreciate it if you don't equip your TV with the right subwoofers and speakers. You may also set your Dish Network 942 receiver to tune in to your well-loved program at their schedule. Definitely, with that kind of receiver, you will have no reason to miss out anything.

With your Dish Network 942 receiver, the keyword is "simultaneous." You can choose your two favorite spots. It can either be in your living room and in your bedroom, and you can still be able to watch the same kinds of programs. Or you may have two separate shows being shown all at the same time. The bottom line is, you still have one Dish Network 942 receiver. This is because every room will have its dedicate remote but TV2 won't have its own receiver. The signals that will be sent into your second room will be channeled through the coaxial cable. The RF antenna located at the back of the Dish Network 942 receiver will be utilized whenever you want to change a channel or you want to record a program.

Nevertheless, your Dish Network 942 receiver won't be able to record properly without some additional features. One of them is known as EPG or the Electronic Program Guide. It basically acts like that of a TiVo. You simply have to move your cursor until your reach your favorite program and then press Record. After that, press Select. You will be given a variety of choices as to how many times you want to record the show. And because it can store programs that are good for 9 days, you can simply pass up the time and allow your Dish Network 942 receiver recall for you the shows that you wish to watch.

There is a definite reason why you can't afford not to love the Dish Network 942 receiver. You will not only get to enjoy 25 hours of HD entertainment but of 180 hours, worth of programs right at your hard disk. Indeed, everything is just within your time limit.

Start enjoying amazing entertainment at a great low price. Check out all dish networks great programming packages, features, and promos. With products like the Dish 811 receiver and the Dish 942 receiver your television experience will take on new levels.

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