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!!!ATTENTION!!!*Dish Network (DISH) is not affiliated with this website.*!!!ATTENTION!!!


Dish TV VS Cable

Dish TV is better than cable. Cable uses a Giant Satellite Dish which then is feed through cables over a long distance to your home. This process weakens the signal causing a less than perfect picture. With Dish TV the signal is broadcast directly to your own personal satellite dish which cuts out the middle man and gives you a perfect crystal clear picture.

More Channels Less Money

Dish Network's prices are the lowest in the industry. With Dish TV you'll get more for your buck and save hundreds of dollars. Where else can you get over 280 channels for under $90.00 a month? Dish network's Dish TV promises its subscribers the highest in channel quantity as well as channel quality. With great prices and channels like these you can't go wrong.

Dish network has great receivers and fantastic deals with hundreds of channels to choose form. With dish network you can be sure to always have the latest in receiver technology available today. Check out our fantastic features, promos, and upcoming deals and plans for the future.


Great Packages and Prices

Dish TV Features

Dish Network features a wide selection of channel packages to choose from, but if none of then suit your taste create your own. Dish TV lets you to customize your programming by allowing you to control of what channels you would receive. Those of us who have high definition (HD) capability will love the fact that Dish Network has the largest selection of HD channels anywhere. Dish TV's programming and picture quality is simply the best.

With all the great features that Dish network Dish TV provides, is no wonder why millions of people have join. Don't miss out on great TV any longer, sign-up for dish networks Dish TV today!!!

Dish TV Superior Technology

Lets face it Dish TV's technology is superior in every way. Dish networks goal is to keep you on the cutting edge of technology. They do this by constantly updating and upgrading equipment and software. That way you're sure to always have the latest and greatest technology the industry has to offer.

Introducing the NEW and Improved Dish TV HD DVR

It's finally arrived the newest in Dish TV receiver technology, the Vip722 HD DVR receiver. The new Vip722 HD DVR(s) innovative technology and functional design are unsurpassed in the today's entertainment industry.

The Vip722 HD DVR supports duel TVs. Utilizing the Dual TV Mode allows you to independently view and record programming on two separate televisions (one in HDTV and the other in SDTV). The New Vip722 HD DVR also features a powerful digital video recorder (DVR) which has an enormous expanded recording capacity over it cousin the HD Vip622 DVR. With the new Vip722 HD DVR you'll be able to record up to 350hrs of Standard Definition TV (SDTV) and up to 55hrs of High Definition TV (HDTV) or a combination of SDTV & HDTV.

The Vip722 uses Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound which will stun and delight the viewer. Watch your favorite movies and television programs like you've never had before. With the combination of Stunning 3D like images provided by high definition technology and the life like sounds of Dolby Digital 5.1 surround you'll be immersed into what ever you're watching. Now that's entertainment!!!

Dish Networks Dish TV Exclusives

Dish Networks has the one and only DishHOME Interactive TV. This feature allows you to watch up to six screens at once, access on demand entertainment, games, shopping, sports, news & weather and customer service.

Dish TV Customer Service

It's true, did you know that Dish Network has the top scores among all Dish TV and Cable services. Reports show that Dish Network has beaten its competition for the fifth year in a row. Dish network boasts placing #1 in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power and Associates.

So don't wait any longer, sign up to Dish Network today and sign up to the best Dish TV.

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