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FTA Keys

What is Free-To-Air (FTA)?

Free-To-Air satellite broadcasting is Free for anyone that owns a FTA receiver, FTA satellite Dish, and accessories. No subscriptions is ever necessary! Yes it true, you can enjoy satellite programming from all around the world; For FREE!!!

Most FTA receivers come with factory authorized firmware installed by the original manufacturer. Certain receivers are intended to be use to obtain Free-To-Air (FTA) channels. These satellite signals may be viewed legally in the United States and Canada completely Free of charge! You will however need to purchase FTA compatible equipment; dish, receiver, cables and so on.

A Great FTA Receiver

A great FTA compatible receiver to purchase is the Conaxsat Mini. It is one of the best receivers on the market and can handle all your programming needs. The Conaxsat Mini is equipped with a high speed USB port that make uploading, and downloading information fast!

What you'll need to start receiving FTA satellite signals

You'll need to get a FTA compatible receiver, update cable, DISEqC switch; both are usually included free with the receivers. You will also need to get yourself a good satellite dish. Be sure to get one with an additional LNBs. LNBs are required for every additional signal you wish to receive. You will also need a RG6 Wire, and connectors to attach the wire to your dish and receiver.

Get a great FTA receiver and fantastic deals with hundreds of FREE channels to choose form. Be sure to always get the latest in FTA receiver Keys available today. Check out our fantastic features, promos, and upcoming deals and plans for the future.


More FTA Information

FTA Keys

Is your Free To Air Receiver not working properly? Are you missing channels? Then you need to get the latest FTA keys!!!

Free to Air Receiver or FTA Receivers such as Coolsat, Captiveworks, Dreambox, Digiwave, Fortec, NFusion, Pansat, Pantec, Skyview, Sonicview, Viewsat, and many other models may require FTA keys updates.

If you are you losing channels or if channels are scrambled, you'll need to update your receiver with Dishnet FTA keys. A common issue for satellite television going down is outdated software and FTA keys. You need to manually enter FTA keys into your FTA satellite receiver.


Use a 30-inch or larger dish, aim with the following settings:

Satellite Name: 118°W (Anik F3) or 119°W (Echo7)

LNB Type: Standard (or Single)

LO Frequency: 10750 or 10600 MHz

Finally, do an BLIND SCAN or AUTO SCAN

These settings may work better or give you more channels:

LNB Type: Universal

LO Frequency: 9750 MHz

HI Frequency: 11250 MHz


If you still do not get all the channels you may need to enter the keys manually into your receiver. Get the latest FTA keys and get your channels up and working again. By entering the latest Free FTA keys, you'll be able to start watching all your favorite FTA stations.

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