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Dish Receiver 811

HDTV in the future and this Next-generation high definition satellite receiver with integrated off-air ATSC tuner is the highest in quality.

This receiver will bring in high definition programming to your high definition video equipment when programming is broadcast in HDTV. The on-screen program guide will give you programming information for up to 2 days and caller ID (if you have a phone connected to your receiver). Dish Network interactive TV is available on this receiver.

Dish 811 Receiver Setup

The Dish 811 receiver is fitting for all your high definition needs. It already comes with an off-air tuner for your HDTV. It also works perfectly well if your high-definition resolution is 1080i, as well as 720p; also works in SD. When you're going to use your Dish 811 receiver, there's no need for you to employ an HDTV tuner; which you may need to attach externally. This is also the best choice if you simply like to have a satellite receiver for your HDTV and you're not looking for DVR functions.

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811 Information

Dish 811 Receiver Setup: The Components

First of all, you have to keep in mind that it's always best to have a professional technician install or accomplish the Dish 811 receiver setup. This is because it can be quite complicated. If you're not experienced, you may damage some essential components of your devices or, worse, you'll be placing yourself in unknown danger. Either way, it's going to be a, lose-lose situation for you.

Nevertheless, it's still important that you have at least a good idea about the exact Dish 811 receiver setup. You may not be able to troubleshoot it on your own, but you can at least describe the problem properly to the technical support staff. What's more, you will learn to appreciate the device by understanding each of its functions.

In the Front Panel

In a typical Dish 811 receiver setup, you will see a smart card door in the front panel. This is the slot where you will place your smart card. This is not included upon installation, which means you need to purchase your own. The Info button, meanwhile, provides you with all the details you need about a particular program. Whether it's a Pay Per View, a locked program, or something that you can't purchase. The Menu button opens the Main Menu on your TV screen. The Mode Lights will tell you whether you're running using an off-air or satellite mode. Each has its own corresponding color. Even if the mode lights are off, though, your receiver is still working. So you can get infrared signals from your remote control, the Dish 811 receiver setup also includes an IR blaster and sensor. You navigate through the different menus with the help of the Arrow buttons.

In the Back Panel

In your Dish 811 receiver setup, most especially its back panel, you can find a DVI-HDTV/DishDVI connector. The main purpose of this is to provide you with the best quality video, regardless whether you're watching a standard- or high-definition TV. The YPbPr component connectors, on the other hand, will connect to your HD monitor. Thus, this is what you need if you want high-quality output for your HDTV. To make it much easier for you to connect to the receiver and TV, the cables are coded according to color.

If you like the most optimal viewing experience with your Dish 811 receiver setup, choose the off-air tuner. This can already receive both digital and analog off-air signals, and you can integrate the off-air programs to your program guide in your receiver.

Audio-video connections:

S-Video output

Optical digital audio output

Two sets of RCA audio-video outputs

Two sets of RCA audio-video inputs

HD Component (Y Pr Pb) video output

DVI-HDTV/Dish DVI digital video output

Superior picture, superior technology, HDTV!

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