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Dishplayer-DVR 625 Receiver

Dish Network Presents this advanced dual-tuner, two TV output satellite receiver and integrated digital video recorder.

This receiver is an advanced two-tuner satellite receiver and integrated digital video recorder (DVR) capable of recording up to 100 hours of programming on a 120 GB hard drive. The DISH Player-DVR 625's dual tuners also feature the unique ability to record two shows simultaneously and provide independent viewing of live satellite TV programming and recorded events when connected to two televisions.

The Dish 625 Receiver

The Dish 625 receiver isn't your ordinary DVR. For one, it contains two operational modes. They are appropriate called as single and dual modes. With the single mode, you can utilize the receiver as your tuner DVR with two tuners. These tuners, meanwhile, can be better controlled with the use of your remote control.

If your Dish 625 receiver is in a single mode, you can easily switch between your tuners. Interestingly, you can even swap two images that you may see by simply pressing on the Picture in Picture button. Most of all, you can have full control over your DVR in these two tuners.

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625 Information

Amazing Features You Can Find in Dish 625 Receiver

There are exciting and even new features that you can find in a Dish 625 receiver. If you don't know what you can look forward to, take a look at this:

1. Name-based Recording. Dish Network decided to adopt a great feature you can find in DVRs of TIVO and came up with Name-based Recording. This basically permits you to choose the program that you wish to record regardless of the channel and even the time when it will be shown. It's already the work of your Dish 625 receiver to adjust the settings corresponding to the time and date of the television show into the system. It uses the programming guide, which you can see on your screen to identify the schedule of the program that you wish to record.

2. 100 percent Recording. There are other receivers that promise excellent recording options, only to realize that their memory cannot even record 4 programs. You have to go through the hassle of transferring them to your PC or other storage devices so you can give more room to the internal hard drive. This has already been solved in the Dish 625 receiver, though. It is equipped with a whooping 120-gigabyte hard drive, which means you can record videos worth 100 hours. This will be dependent, too, on the kind of shows that you will be watching. If the program you're watching is an action or sports movie, the saving time may be lowered. This is still so much better than what other DVR receivers you can find in the market. In fact, it's far better than what is being offered by TIVO, which only rounds up to at most 80 gigabytes for their internal hard drive or 32 to 80 hours.

3. Easiest Control for Your Programming. With the Dish 625 receiver, you can have the most control on the programs that you can watch, especially on the video-on-demand option provided by your Dish Network. This means that you can pause, fast forward, stop, play, or even skip forward any program that is being labeled as live TV.

4. Dolby Digital Recording. If you want a complete TV or movie experience, make sure that the video is in Dolby Digital setting. This only guarantees not only crisp and sharp pictures but the best sound for your videos. What better way to save them than to use your Dish 625 receiver.

Audio-video connections:

2 satellite tuner inputs

1 UHF Pro remote antenna input

1 telephone jack

1 USB Port

2 sets RCA-type audio/video outputs

1 S-video output

1 RF modulated output (ch 3/4)

1 TV antenna/cable input

1 optical digital output for Dolby

Digital and PCM Digital audio

1 stereo agile modulated output

(channels 21-69; 73-125

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