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Dish Receiver 322

Dish Network brings you, Dual tuner satellite receiver for independent viewing in two rooms.

This receiver comes standard with the Dish Network Digital Home Advantage Program. Now you can watch two separate televisions with two different programs showing without the need for a receiver on each television.

The Dish 322 Receiver

This receivers supports the Dish Network Interactive TV Capability. The on-screen program guide will give you programming information for up to 2 days as well as caller ID (if you have a phone line connected to your receiver).

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322 Information

Dish 322 Receiver

What makes Dish Network such an amazing addition to your own home? It's definitely more than the quality of their pictures, courtesy of high-definition technology. Most of all, one has to give credit too to the Dish 322 receiver.

Defining the Dish 322 Receiver

The Dish 322 receiver can be loved by too many reasons. Here is a good rundown:

1. Get updates and interact with your own television. Do you feel like your receiver is more of a robot than a friend? Think otherwise with your Dish 322 receiver. Besides having your own program guide right at your own television, you can now get immediate weather updates by simply pressing the buttons in your remote control.

2. Connect two televisions in one receiver. Do you have more than one television at your house? If don't have Dish 322 receiver, then most likely you have separate receivers for each one of them. Just imagine the hassle that you will undergo simply manipulating your television as well as the costs associated with them. But this receiver is completely different. It's a small box with two tuners, which you can use for two televisions that are located in separate rooms. Simply put, this means easier monitoring and control, and less cost at your end.

3. Organize your own programs list. It's only natural that not all television programs will be worth watching too. In fact, there should be some days when you wish that you can set up your own Favorites list, much like creating a Bookmarks folder for all your favorite websites. Dish 322 receiver gives you the right solution. It's giving you the opportunity to build up to 4 Favorites list right at your own television. Thus, you can perhaps classify TV programs into your well-loved genres, or each member of the family will have his own list.

4. Give yourself an idea about your PPV purchase. Are you losing track of how much you're spending for your pay per view, or perhaps you can no longer remember about what you have actually watched. A Dish 322 receiver can help you remember everything with an on-screen purchase summary for your PPV channels.

5. You have a very flexible mono output. This special feature provides your receiver the capability to send the signal in the second tuner to different televisions all over the home. You can also easily modulate this signal according to your own liking.

6. Avoid getting lost with the many features with interactive function support. Some receivers are loaded with too many features that you can hardly use them anymore. You don't know which of these buttons can be used for a specific job. You can leave all that with a Dish 322 receiver. It has its built-in support for all of the features you can find in the device; this way, you'll be forever guided every time you use them.

The remote control of Dish 322 receiver works through infrared and follows the UHF Pro commands. For better use, make sure that the distance between your remote control and the receiver is more or less 200 feet.

Audio-video connections:

S-Video output

One set of RCA audio-video outputs for each tuner.

Agile modulated output

Channel 3/4 modulated output.

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