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!!!ATTENTION!!!*Dish Network (DISH) is not affiliated with this website.*!!!ATTENTION!!!


Dish Network Keys Usage

If you search on the internet for the keyword "Dish Network keys," you can find a number of websites providing the keys or passwords to watch satellite channels offered by DISH Network Satellite Service, which is a premier satellite television service provider in the United States.

Why would a reputed company such as Dish Network Satellite Service, which was established by EchoStar in 1996, offer their keys through these shabbily designed websites?

The answer is that it is not provided by the company. But these websites are maintained by the so-called hackers, who in all aspects can be labeled the underworld hit men on the internet. They break into the network of the company and steel the encrypted keys.

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Dish Keys

You may ask why they do this or what benefit they derive out of this. The first is that they probably get a perverse satisfaction out of harming a mighty company such as DISH Network Satellite Service. It is a kind of testing their strength against a powerful obstacle and coming out victorious. The second is that they provide Dish Network keys on the website for free and public could access these keys for watching the channels in the Dish Network stable. The website is likely to be very popular and they can generate revenue through the advertisement programs available on the internet.

The third reason is perhaps the most lucrative for the hackers and the most destructive for the DISH Network Satellite Service Company. The hackers break into security system of the company and copy access code of premium channels and pay-per-view programs and create duplicate processor chips that generate the Dish Network keys. Then they sell these access codes and duplicate processor chips to subscribers at a much lower price than that of the original accessories. Also almost all original chips and access codes come with a monthly rental charge. But the duplicate chips and access codes require one time payment only.

Now you may ask how then DISH Network Satellite Service still manages to survive and make profit. The company has two things on its side. It has a competent set of information technology experts to devise newer and more effective ways to protect its keys, access code, and content of the electronic chips. But it is not an easy thing to do, as these experts should also focus on the ease of use and convenience of the actual paying costumer. If you want to provide online booking facility or online key generating facility to the customers, you cannot provide absolute security.

DISH Network Satellite Service has 10 satellites orbiting around the Earth. These satellites intercept the television signals transmitted by TV stations and these signals are beamed to dish antennas installed in homes. The company offers multiple packages such as family package, larger packages that include 250 channels, Latino packages, and HDTV packages.

The method of functioning of DISH Network is such that the hardware required for most of these packages is same. That is with the same antenna you can watch a majority of these packages. If you want to upgrade from one channel to another, you can send a request to company for a change of packages. Then the company sends you the Dish Network keys. By entering the key, you can shift to another package. This is very convenient both for the subscribers and for the technicians to operate. But it is easier for the hackers to break into such a system as well. In short, every code on the computer can be broken by another mightier code.

The second aide of the company is the Federal Law. According to the law, accessing the Dish channels through unauthorized means is punishable with imprisonment of several years and a fine of $10,000. The company has sufficient technological know how and competent work force to spot the use of hacks Dish Network keys.

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