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Dish 322 Receiver Software Download Instructions: How to Update Your Receiver Software

Confirm signal from Point Dish:

-Push the MENU button on the remote control.

-Choose SYSTEM SETUP option from the MAIN MENU.

-Next select the INSTALLATION option from the SYSTEM SETUP menu.

-Now choose POINT DISH from the INSTALLATION menu.

-Make sure that the signal bar is green and indicates "Locked".

-Use the remote control to power the receiver off, and then wait about 15 minutes for the download.


Dish Software Download

Initial Software Download:

-On power up, the receiver will automatically go to the POINT DISH screen. (Receivers that have factory software will not to turn off.)

-Confirm the signal bar is green and indicates "Locked".

-Select Done.

-You should now see a message displayed with the following, "Warning: Vital program information will now download into your receiver. Do not disturb or unplug it until this screen vanishes." Allow the unit 10 to 15 minutes for the task to complete. If there is an OK button, select it now.

-A message is displayed stating "Your receiver's memory is now being programmed. Do not disturb or unplug the receiver while the green light is flashing". This process may the several minutes and has no set time limit. Just follow the onscreen instructions as prompted.

-If the software download is interrupted or if a malfunction occurs, unplug the receiver from the electrical outlet.

-Wait at least 15 seconds for the receiver to completely shut down. Plug it back into the electrical outlet and turn it on.

-Repeat steps 1-3.
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Run a Check Switch test:

-Push the MENU button on the remote control.

-Choose the SYSTEM SETUP option from the MAIN MENU, if there is no SYSTEM SETUP option to select, select INSTALLATION.

-Now select INSTALLATION from the SYSTEM SETUP menu.

-Next choose the POINT DISH option from the INSTALLATION menu.

-Select the CHECK SWITCH option from the POINT DISH menu.

-From here you'll need to select Test or "Check".

-The receiver should display an Attention message asking you to wait until the switch setup check is complete.

-Once completed, cancel out to the INSTALLATION and SETUP MENU.

-After select SYSTEM INFO to confirm software version.

-Call your local Dish Network provider to activate your receiver.

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