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Paquete Latino Regular (standard)

Latino Line up

Paquete Latino Regular (standard) De Programación Dish Network

El paquete standard Dish Latino de Dish Network provee una gran programación a precios bajos.

Estos paquetes de Dish Latino se han hecho muy populares con los televidentes de habla española. Estos paquetes Standard consisten en 35 canales inclusive películas, fútbol, novelas, deportes, música y variedad para el entretenimiento de toda la familia.

- Gol TV
- Canal 13 TV
- Azteca
- Telehit
- De Pelicula and De Pelicula Clasico (Latin American and Mexican movies)
- CNN en Espanol
- Cine Latino
- Discovery en Espanol
- Fox Sports en Espanol
- Mun2

Dish Latino also provides the following standard features, only available with Dish Network satellite TV.


Latino Standard

Dish Network's Latino Programming Packages

Dish Network always has something in store for everyone, most especially to the Latinos all over the world. They can watch their customs and traditions, and their culture, at their full force through the Dish Latino offering.

There are many Dish Latino packages to choose from, yet you're assured that they are very much affordable. With Dish Latino you?ll be treated to a variety of channels and genres. Which means you will definitely find something that suits your present mood and liking.

What Each of These Dish Latino Packages Can Give You

For a start, everything depends on what type of package for your Dish Latino you would like to avail of. So far, there are four that you can select:

1. Dish Latino Basic. This is considered to be the standard of all Dish Latino packages. You can have access to more than 30 English and Spanish channels. There are also various TV programs and movies that you can choose from. You can always get updated with sports, novellas, news, music, movies, and entertainment with just few presses of your remote control buttons--all these and more for as low as $24.99 per month.

2. Dish Latino Dos. Dish Latino Dos means having the best of both worlds. You will not only be treated to the most sought-after American shows and films, but you can also watch and be inspired by a lot of Spanish and Latin channels. There are over 195 channels, all classified in different categories. There are entertainment shows, cartoons for children, drama and action series for moms and dads, lifestyle network for the teens, and news channels just in case you want to get in touch with the rest of the world. What's interesting about Dish Latino Dos is its sports channel. Unlike other network, sports channels such as Fox are regional based. This means that sports shows are according to the region you are currently in. If you're living in Puerto Rico, you get to watch a soccer event in your country. If you want to know which regional sports network is available in your area, get to know your postal code or refer to the official Dish Network website. If you want to upgrade your sports channels, you just need to settle for Multisports package. You only have to pay as low as $36.99 a month for your Dish Latino Dos.

3. Dish Latino Plus. Dish Latino Plus is your upgrade for your basic Latino package. There are 15 additional channels, which means you can choose among the 45 bilingual programs. For around $29.99 every month, you can have the ?extra? that you're looking for.

4. Dish Latino Max. If you want the maximum Latino experience, get yourself a Dish Latino max. There are over 220 channels to choose from, including De Pelicula, a comprehensive movie library with no commercial break. For as low as $45.00 per month; you can have access to hundreds of shows and movies. You can even get to listen to one of the most extensive music channels in television.

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