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Latino Max Televisión

Paquete De Programación Dish Latino Max

El paquete de programación Dish Latino Max provee el mayor entretenimiento a un precio bajo. Dish Latino Max incluye ambos Dish Latino Standard y Dish Latino Dos además de otros canales.

Dish Latino Max les ofrece 31 canales en español y 195 canales en ingles que incluyen deportes, películas, noticias, y música.

Es televisión para toda la familia! A los niños les encantaran canales tal como Toon Disney, Disney Channel y Cartoon Network. La familia entera gozara de los canales de aprendizaje y de películas tal como Discovery Channel en Espanol, HBO, HBLO (HBO en español) y mucho más.

El paquete de programación Dish Latino Max ofrece algo para toda la familia y todo a un precio muy bajo. Entonces ¿para que esperar? Subscríbanse y empiecen a mirar los grandes programas ofrecidos por Dish Network, líder mundial de programas televisivos por satélite.

Dish Latino also provides the following standard features, only available with Dish Network satellite TV.


Dish Latino Max

Dish Latino Max

If you have been greatly satisfied with basic subscription for your Dish Latino and higher packages of it, wait until you get hold of Dish Latino Max. It's more than you can possibly expect for as low as $50 per month. You can have as much as more than 200 programs right at your television. What's more, you can get access to all of the best TV shows, movies, and music that are enjoyed by both Spanish- and English-speaking countries.

So what can Dish Latino Max offer you?

All of their television programs are divided into different categories. These include the following:

Entretenimiento. This is the best mix of both worlds, they say. You will not only be able to watch all of the sought-after American shows but also those that are being offered by Colombia, Chile, and other Latin countries. E! Entertainment Television gives you a good idea of how Hollywood is these days while Telemundo Puerto Rico provides you with a glimpse of the culture, artistry, and acting prowess of famous Puerto Ricans.

Noticieros. You will never fail to get in touch with the rest of the world with this programming guide in your Dish Latino Max. After all, there are more than 10 channels to choose from. You have NASA, which offers you first-hand information on the newest technologies that are related to space programming. On the other hand, CNN en Espanol brings in all of the latest news from all over the world in Spanish. The Weather Channel doesn't only update you with what's happening in your area but the current weather conditions all over the world. This channel in Dish Latino Max is perfect for frequent travelers, as you surely don't want to go out of the country and even your home when you know that there's a huge storm on your way.

Entertenimiento Familiar. As the name suggests, they give you all the familiar basic channels that are suitable for families, especially for the little ones of all ages. With Dish Latino Max, you have all the anticipated shows of Disney, from both the East and West Coasts. Hallmark Channel are ideal for mothers and wives, with their heartwarming and sometimes heart-wrenching TV specials and drama series. Both Cartoon Network and Nickoledeon are in your Dish Latino Max.

Peliculas. Lovers of movies will have all the reason to say at home because of Peliculas, offered by Dish Latino Max. You have American Movie Classics, featuring films that made Audrey Hepburn, Dick Tracy, and Clark Gable household names and eventually movie icons. Cine Latino and De Pelicula, on the other hand, provide horror, romantic, suspenseful, action, and dramatic Latin treats. The Independent Film Channel showcases movies that are done by independent outfits. It's a good way of trying to see what non-commercialized movies can offer to all movie buffs.

Educativos. Dish Latino Max isn't only about entertainment and fun. You can even make it as your own classroom on TV, with many educational channels that you can select. You have Animal Planet and Discovery Channel, as well as Discovery en Espanol.

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