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Dish Latino HD

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Dish Latino HD Programming Packages

The demand for DISH Latino HD Packages has been continuously on the rise, thanks largely to the large number of Spanish-speaking people residing in the United States. Spanish is a language spoken in almost all parts of Latin America and of course in Spain and some of its neighboring European countries.

Therefore, the so-called Spanish-speaking Diaspora is a significant presence in the country. DISH Network Satellite Television Company, one of the premier satellite television service providing companies in the United States, spotted the potential of the untapped market in this sector and launched some exciting packages for Spanish speaking people.

These packages are commonly called DISH Latino HD packages. To access these packages, first you need to install an HD antenna.

You can contact the nearest DISH Network retailer to subscribe. If you cannot find a retailer in your town, log on to the official website of the company to get a list of retailers. The HD antenna is free for some subscriptions. You need to pay only the monthly rent. Once the antenna installed in your home, it will be able to get signals from the satellite.

The company has 10 satellites orbiting around the planet. These satellites receive signals from television stations and transmit the signals to antennas.

Dish Latino HD packages are great for the whole family and provide hours of quality Spanish speaking HD programs 24 hours a day.


Latino HD

The customers have a number of options to choose from DISH Latino HD packages based on their entertainment requirements and budgetary constraints. The most economical type is the DISH Latino standard package. It costs around $27.99 per month. There are 35 channels in Spanish. The channels cover news, sports, movies, sitcoms, and other general-purpose entertainment. This is a cost effective way for Spanish speaking people to keep the ties with their roots and mother tongue intact. The only disadvantage of this package is that there are no English or other non-Spanish language channels available.

If you think that the above disadvantage is a serious one, you can opt for a better package by spending $5 more. This package, called Dish Latino Plus package, has all the 35 Spanish channels in the Dish Latino package and in addition 9 English channels including TBS, USA Network, and AMC. This is an excellent package that provides what you can call the best of both worlds.

The next offer is the DISH Latino Dos, which costs $39.99 per month. It is good for those with grown up family members. There are close to 200 channels. But the number of Spanish channels remains 35. All others are English entertainment channels, in which may be favored by young people or kids in the family. But please do not calculate the number of extra channels available per the extra dollar. Some of the channels are satellite radio stations. It is well worth for large families with people of varying interests.

There is one more option for DISH Latino HD package. It is called DISH Latino Max and it provides almost all available channels in Spanish and English. That means more than 220 channels, with all the 35 Spanish channels. It offers a number of music channels also.

In summery all DISH Latino HD packages offer 35 channels in Spanish. If you need to watch only the Latino channels, selecting the basic package is the most cost-effective option. If you need to watch other channels as well, such as English news channels or movie channels, you need to select one of the packages.

You can add local channels to all the Latino packages by paying a monthly charge of $5. In addition, you can get digital video recording facility along with DISH Latino HD packages by paying $6 extra per month.

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