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Dish Network Latino Packages

Who says that Dish has nothing offer to Latin America? In fact, they have more than one package to choose from. The Dish Network Latino packages aim to touch base with millions of Spanish-speaking people who are living in the United States and in Spanish countries such as Mexico and Argentina, to name a few.

See What Each of These Dish Latino Packages Can Give You

For a start, everything depends on what type of package for your Dish Latino you would like to avail of. So far, there are four that you can select:

Latino Standard
Dish Latino Basic. This is considered to be the standard of all Dish Latino packages. You can have access to more than 30 English and Spanish channels. There are also various TV programs and movies that you can choose from.
Latino Standard More Channels Details
Latino Dos
Dish Latino Dos. Dish Latino Dos means having the best of both worlds. You will not only be treated to the most sought-after American shows and films, but you can also watch and be inspired by a lot of Spanish and Latin channels. There are over 195 channels, all classified in different categories.

Latino Dos More Channels Details

Latino Max
Dish Latino Max. If you want the maximum Latino experience, get yourself a Dish Latino max. There are over 220 channels to choose from, including De Pelicula, a comprehensive movie library with no commercial break.

Latino Max More Channels Details

Latino HD
The demand for Dish Latino HD Packages has been continuously on the rise, thanks largely to the large number of Spanish-speaking people residing in the United States. Latino HD has finally arrived for the Spanish speaking community and for as little as $6 extra per month!

Latino HD More Channels Details
Latino TV

See What You Can Expect from these Dish Network Latino Packages

There are more than 30 channels that you can always select in Dish Network Latino packages. They range from arts and entertainment, movies, music, documentaries, and television series. There is even a sci-fi channel for those who are more enamored to the environment, the relationship between flora and fauna, or want to keep themselves up-to-date with the newest technologies available in the market.

The Introduction of De Pelicula and Telehit

One of the greatest acquisitions of Dish Network for their Dish Network Latino packages is De Pelicula. It's a movie channel that caters to audiences who are residing in Mexico and Latin America. It offers various genres of movies, from action, comedy, romance, and family-oriented films. What's more all these films are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without any commercial interruption. Thus, you can immerse yourself to the culture and the magnificent artistic skills of Latin artists the entire time. An interesting segment of De Pelicula will be the De Pelicula Clasico, which can show movies that were released in the early twentieth century. It's one way of both De Pelicula and Dish Network to celebrate the golden years of filmmaking in these Spanish countries. On the other hand, young adults will surely find excellent tips and update themselves with the latest in the areas of fashion and music with Telehit. Music videos available are both in Spanish and English. They can look forward to celebrity interviews, music news, and even live concerts. If you loved MTV, then there's no reason for you to not adore Telehit.

Listen to the Biggest Music Collection in Your Dish Network Latino packages

Latin Americans have always been known to be such a great lover of music, and what better way to express that than to offer them with one channel that does nothing but play of all the best Spanish and English tracks. Indeed, with Musica in your Dish Network Latino packages, you can constantly have something that motivate and inspire you. You will never run out of options either. There are CD selections for you, starting from blues, disco, contemporary music, classic rock, and country. You can then opt for the real Dish Music, filled with hits spanning several decades. You also have VH1, which is definitely reaping attention by millions of people all over the world.

You can obtain all of these fantastic channels from Dish Network Latino packages for as low as $24.99 every month. What's more, you can even get yourself a Dish Network satellite receiver with no extra cost at your end by purchasing the dish for around $149. You can have free installation to go with that.

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